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Jan. 30: AI Policy and Stakeholder Tracking Report

Driving The Day

Today is January 30, 2024, and here are the key policymaker and stakeholder actions on AI you need to know: In Washington, Democratic lawmakers have asked the Department of Justice to stop funding predictive policing technology that is often powered by AI. Meanwhile, Politico suggests that despite federal and state lawmakers’ interest in addressing election deepfakes, there isn’t “a whole lot they collectively agree on” when it comes to concrete bill text. The German government, which had expressed concern over the December provisional agreement on the EU’s AI Act, announced it will support the legislation following a compromise on the final text.

In this issue:

  • Washington in Focus: Members of Congress introduce separate bills that would regulate the use of AI in robocalls.

  • Around the Nation: Legislation mandating disclaimers on AI-generated Florida political ads passes committee.

  • Across the Pond: A leading AI advocacy organization in London urges the EU to adopt the AI Act even though they argue the legislation is “not perfect.”

  • Global Highlights: The U.S. and Japan are developing AI-equipped drones to assist state-of-the-art fighter jets.

  • Outside Views: OpenAI partners with advocacy organization Common Sense Media on kids' safety.

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