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Jan. 29: AI Policy and Stakeholder Tracking Report

Driving The Day

Today is January 29, 2024, and here are the key policymaker and stakeholder actions on AI you need to know: In Washington, the Biden Administration proposed a regulation requiring cloud computing companies to “verify the identity of foreign persons” using their services to train AI models. Meanwhile, the Administration could begin requiring that AI developers disclose certain testing data under the Defense Production Act “as soon as next week.” Across the pond, Italy’s data privacy agency, which had briefly banned ChatGPT last year, has announced that following further investigation it believes ChatGPT is violating EU privacy rules. ChatGPT developer OpenAI has 30 days to respond to the agency’s findings. In China, more than 40 LLMs have received approval from the government for use by the public.

In this issue:

  • Washington in Focus: The Biden Administration will announce billions of dollars for developing advanced chip manufacturing infrastructure in the U.S.

  • Around the Nation: The Center for Democracy & Technology argues states should include data minimization provisions in data privacy bills.

  • Across the Pond: An AI expert shares his views on the AI Act’s provisions aimed at protecting EU citizens.

  • Global Highlights: Google outlines a plan for how ASEAN can boost AI development.

  • Outside Views: Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt argues to mitigate the risks posed by advanced AI, society needs a robust economy of testing.

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