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Feb. 9: AI Policy and Stakeholder Tracking Report

Driving The Day

Today is February 9, 2024, and here are the key policymaker and stakeholder actions on AI you need to know: In Washington, senators discussed how to regulate the use of AI in the healthcare industry, and the Biden Administration announced that $5 billion in CHIPS Act funding will be invested in “semiconductor-related research, development, and workforce needs.” Meanwhile, Washington, D.C.’s mayor signed an executive order addressing the use of AI in government agencies. Finally, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is looking to raise up to $7 trillion to develop the global semiconductor industry, including from foreign investors, even as U.S. lawmakers increasingly scrutinize how U.S. venture capital has aided chip and AI development in China.

In this issue:

  • Washington in Focus: The U.S. Commerce Secretary is ‘very worried’ about AI being used nefariously in 2024 election.

  • Around the Nation: A bill proposed in Illinois would require state vendors to disclose if they used AI to fulfill a state contract.

  • Across the Pond: AI Act accomplished, Germany left with unanswered questions.

  • Global Highlights: Kenya faces backlash over new AI and robotics bill.

  • Outside Views: Bloomberg suggests AI is driving more layoffs than companies want to admit.

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