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Feb. 7: AI Policy and Stakeholder Tracking Report

Driving The Day

Today is February 7, 2024, and here are the key policymaker and stakeholder actions on AI you need to know: In Washington, the Biden Administration named Elizabeth Kelly, an economic policy advisor to the President, the first director of the newly created AI Safety Institute at the National Institute for Standards and Technology. Meanwhile, voting rights activists want the federal government to take action against the threat of election disinformation. In Alabama, Governor Kay Ivey announced a new AI task force, part of her plan to “ensure that AI is used properly.” Across the pond, EU lawmakers have reached a deal on legislation that bans the sharing of intimate deepfakes. Finally, Politico highlights experts’ disagreement over whether generative AI poses a serious biosecurity threat.

In this issue:

  • Washington in Focus: The Department of Homeland Security seeks AI talent from Silicon Valley.

  • Around the Nation: California’s AI child sexual abuse bill raises legal doubts.

  • Across the Pond: Lawmakers and stakeholders respond to the U.K. government’s latest update to its AI governance strategy.

  • Global Highlights: An expert on AI in China highlighted the intellectual and technical work that could be laying a foundation for potential AI regulations.

  • Outside Views: Vox asks whether the courts can save people from dangerous AI.

Read these stories and more below:


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