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Feb. 2: AI Policy and Stakeholder Tracking Report

Driving The Day

Today is February 2, 2024, and here are the key policymaker and stakeholder actions on AI you need to know: The EU’s AI Act received official approval from all EU member states, with France agreeing to the text under “strict conditions.” The European Parliament is widely expected to sign off on the legislation as well, though the final vote will likely not occur until April. In Washington, D.C., Democratic lawmakers introduced bills that would regulate algorithmic price fixing and require reporting on the AI industry’s environmental impact. Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is starting a new caucus that will focus on the use of AI and digital technologies in healthcare. Finally, former President Trump suggested AI could be “the most dangerous thing out there.” 

In this issue:

  • Washington in Focus: Senate panel signals future work on AI’s impact on housing.

  • Around the Nation: A proposal in the California Assembly would require the state to inventory all high-risk automated decision systems being used by agencies.

  • Across the Pond: A committee in the U.K. House of Lords urged the government to adopt a more positive outlook for LLMs to avoid missing ‘AI goldrush.’

  • Global Highlights: What U.S.–China cooperation on AI could look like.

  • Outside Views: The Center for Democracy and Technology and civil society partners urge congress to protect artists, creators, and free expression as it examines possible misuse of AI technologies.

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