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Europe's Push For Digital Sovereignty: Understanding the "Brussels Effect" and the UK's Aspirations

The European Union and the United Kingdom are serious contenders in the race to shape the global landscape of AI governance and claim sovereignty over their digital futures. In our European Risk Assessment, Delve provides AI developers, users, and public affairs professionals with key insights into Europe’s existing digital laws and the European stakeholders vying to set shape AI regulation on the continent and beyond. Here are four key trends from Delve’s European Risk Assessment that every tech leader, investor, and public affairs professional needs to be aware of.

Key Trends In European AI Policy

1. Europe Already Building Framework To Regulate Tech

Both the EU and the UK have already been focused on legislative efforts to rein in the technology industry with laws addressing issues like data privacy and content moderation.

2. The "Brussels Effect" And London’s Ambitions

Both the EU and UK want to establish themselves as world leaders on AI regulation. The EU has a history of setting global precedent by issuing first-of-its-kind regulations—a phenomenon commonly termed the "Brussels Effect." British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has voiced his aspiration for the UK to be "the geographical home of global AI safety regulation," indicating the UK plans to be a formidable contender in the AI regulation arena.

3. Enforcement Is Big Uncertainty As AI Act Nears Completion

The centerpiece of the EU’s effort to regulate AI is known as the AI Act, which could set de facto expectations for any industry players planning to place their products in the European market and beyond. With the legislation nearing completion, one of the biggest uncertainties for companies across industries is what enforcement of the law will look like and how much constraint it may place on their ability to advance or utilize AI.

4. European Political Winds Are Shifting

After years of fighting monopolies and laying down strong laws to protect consumer rights, some EU officials want Brussels to encourage the growth of European titans through mergers and economic growth, while a rising brand of politicians on the right-wing call for more populist solutions to European economic stasis.

Elevate Your Understanding with Delve's European Risk Assessment 

Our European Risk Assessment serves as an essential guide through the maze of EU and UK policy corridors. It identifies who the major policymakers are, what offices hold sway, and forecasts upcoming regulatory challenges. This in-depth analysis includes existing laws and pending legislation, analysis of executive activities in Brussels and London, comments from key players in policy circles, a review of the EU member states most influential in the AI debate, and an outline of the most important AI developments, policies, and stakeholders in the United Kingdom.

Who Will Benefit From This Report?

  • AI Startup Founders: A comprehensive guide to European policy can be a game-changer for AI startups looking to expand into the European market, or understand how the policies shaped across the Atlantic may influence the debate in the U.S.

  • VC Funders: Venture into European AI markets with confidence, armed with regulatory insights that can guide investment strategies – and anticipate how the “Brussels Effect” could impact investments elsewhere.

  • Policy Advocates: Utilize this report to understand the European policy landscape, essential for lobbying and advocacy efforts.

  • Public Affairs Professionals: Offer your organizations or clients expert advice on navigating both EU and UK policy terrain and how AI policy direction will impact a range of industry sectors.

This assessment is your guide to understanding the complex world of European AI policy, with insights tailored to ensure you can make strategic decisions based on data, not guesswork. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your organization or clients are prepared for what's coming down the legislative and regulatory pike.

Are you ready to navigate Europe's evolving AI regulatory scene?