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What You’ll Learn in What to watch for in 2024: Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Welcome to the Year of AI Agency Action: While Congress struggles to shift from listening to legislating, expect the Biden Administration and federal and state agencies to leap forward.

  2. States won’t wait for the Moses of Milford: As James Maroney and his cohort work on broader frameworks, expect a tidal wave of piecemeal legislation, along with court action.

  3. EU-sier said than done in Europe: Resistance from EU member states and industry amidst an expected populist wave in the EU’s election complicates the finalization and implementation of the AI Act.

  4. Tech’s family feud goes public: The tech sector will continue to splinter in the AI debate even as scrutiny grows over how and where it wields influence over policy.

  5. Transparency will be a hidden cudgel: More stakeholders will enter the debate, and transparency will be their weapon of choice.

Who Is This Report For?

  • AI developers and builders of AI tools

  • Investors in AI firms and technologies

  • Public affairs and lobbying professionals supporting AI firms, funders, or any company using AI

  • Association professionals representing artificial intelligence developers

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